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Direct Marketing
Gold Coast

While many people are familiar with the massive growth in the direct marketing sector, few would be aware of the actual processes involved in getting all the information to your mail box.

Morris International has been involved in supplying direct marketing services to local, national and international clients for over 20 years, with extremely successful results.

Providing market analysis and data management are very important requirements for successful direct marketing campaigns and this requires accurate and professional marketing expertise.


Our policy is to process customer orders and inquiries on the same day they are received. This is made possible by dedicated, well trained staff utilising ultra hi-tech equipment, well proven processing procedures and by having established excellent, long term relationships with our service providers.

The Group’s strong international network has made it possible to bring overseas marketing strategies to our very own doorstep, giving our local companies the competitive edge required in today’s rapidly changing market place.

Recently, we have added a Call Centre to our ever expanding customer service network. The Call Centre handles in-bound and outbound services for our internal business but also provides services to other national and international companies.

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